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  • Is it expensive to play lacrosse?
    Lacrosse requires a stick, protective equipment, and dues to play on a team. A stick and protective equipment can be purchased for reasonable prices and we are happy to make recommendations. Dues will be kept in line with other local clubs and go only to cover the cost of running the program. It is our goal to provide a place for all kids to be able to play lacrosse, so we will work with families to ensure that dues are affordable and their kid is properly outfitted for the game.
  • When is lacrosse season?
    Lacrosse season is in spring. But there are opportunities to play year round! Generally clubs will have fall ball starting in September, with relaxed practices and some games or tournaments at the end of fall. Some clubs offer box (indoor) in the winter. Spring season starts with practices in mid January, games starting in February, and the season wraps up in May. There are also various tournaments in the summer regionally and nationwide. Warhorse Lacrosse plans to offer free clinics at the end of the summer and at some point during the fall. We also plan to have fall ball practices and a spring season.
  • Will Zachary Warhorse Lacrosse be affiliated with schools?
    No, at this point we will be a non-school affiliated program. It is our hope that lacrosse will be offered through the Zachary School System in the future and will be happy to work with them (at the right time) to help make that happen. At this point, Warhorse Lacrosse will be participating in non-school affiliated conferences in Louisiana.
  • What if my kid is interested in playing lacrosse and doesn't want to wait for the free clinic?
    No problem! There are opportunities to play in the south Louisiana area before the clinics. Additionally, we will be having some informal workouts locally with a handful of current players. Email if interested.
  • Will Warhorse Lacrosse have girl's lacrosse?
    It is our goal to provide all kids that wish to play lacrosse in the Zachary area a place to play. If there is enough interest from girls to play we will form a team and conduct practices.
  • What league will Warhorse Lacrosse play in?
    Youth will play in the GCLC and high school will play in the GSLL.
  • Where will practices be held?
    Practice location is TBD at this point. We will work with BREC and other organizations to find a safe and convenient place for us to hold practices. If you have suggestions please feel free to contact us at
  • Who will be coaching my kid?
    Look in the 'About Us' section for information on current coaches. We also will be working with area programs to have guest coaches when available. We also are always looking for coaches so if interested please contact us at
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